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Beginning DevOps

This is the opening story that had been percolating from years of experience, and it talks about how an organization was brought together and empowered to rapidly deliver and run new services independently and safely.

It had been embarrassing to talk about the approaches we were using, since it all seemed like common sense at the time, and something that probably everyone was already doing.

Moving on, and learning more about how companies truly operate, it became obvious that the approaches we’d used stood high above the competition.

This was an incredible journey for everyone involved, and something worthy of celebration.

DevOps Anti-Patterns

Sometimes it’s hard to be sure that the culture is fully DevOps. After all, this is a path of continuous improvement, and always striving to become better is part of the DNA. There’s also nuance and opinion on what DevOps means, and a lot of ways to get there.

So: what about an alternative symptom-based checklist to measure how far you are on the journey? It needs a yard-stick to help measure DevOpsey you are.

DevOpsey in this context covers the entire software development life-cycle (SDLC), like plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, and monitor.

Practical DevOps

Remote Working


Life-cycle and Governance

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